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What better way to read Bamboozled by Jesus than with your book club or a group of friends!

Each member of your book club should download their own kit by clicking the button below.  Get ready to be taken on a journey as we do a deep dive through the twenty-five life lessons shared in the book.

What You Get in the Kit

Discussion Questions & Prompts

Video Breakdowns of Each Chapter

Bonus: Bamboozled Beliefs Video Session

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Ready to read Bamboozled by Jesus
with your book club?

Get ready to catapult yourself out of the mundane and into the magnificent!

Grab your FREE book club kit below!

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Meet the Author

Yvonne Orji is an Emmy-nominated Nigerian-American actress, writer and comedian. A failed doctor (blame organic chemistry), Yvonne took to comedy after needing a talent for a beauty pageant. Now, she entertains international audiences, as can be seen in her one-hour HBO comedy special, Momma, I Made It! A sought-after speaker, she’s given the opening keynote at Forbes’ 30 under 30, and her TEDx talk, “The Wait Is Sexy,” has garnered over a million views. Her breakout TV role was playing Molly on HBO’s hit show Insecure. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

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